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New position strengthens health and wellbeing activities in south-east Caithness Published on 13th July 2024

New position strengthens health and wellbeing activities in south-east Caithness (johnogroat-journal.co.uk) << Click here

A new health and wellbeing activities coordinator is set to “manage and deliver efficient and effective activities” for service users at Dunbeath and District Centre (DDC).

Cameron Chambers, who resides in the local area, started her position last month at the Health and Wellbeing Hub in Dunbeath and aged just 20 she’s bringing a fresh approach to the charity’s health and wellbeing activities programme.

Daniel Macleod, DDC’s operational growth manager said: “Cameron joins the organisation’s team to apply a new way of coordinating and implementing activities aimed and focused at meeting the demands and needs of its service users in the south-east of Caithness.

Cameron Chambers has a new position at Dunbeath and District Centre and aims to coordinate new methods of improving health and wellbeing for the charity’s service users.

“Cameron’s role will include working closely with the already-established staff team to give our users a suite of activities that will enhance their health and wellbeing.”

She has already engaged with organisations to create plans for various afternoon guest speakers and outings to various locations.

Cameron said: “An important part of this role is getting to talk to our users, to get their voices heard and opinions noted – a person-centred approach is used to help establish a format of initiatives.”

This approach will help service users hear about new opportunities; various organisations and the work they do in the Caithness area; along with individuals and their experiences. There will be opportunities for special trips they might not be able to access easily otherwise.

Cameron talked about the importance of her new position and said: “The team at DDC works so incredibly well together, but with the increase in users and activities over the past few years it became apparent that an additional role would benefit both the team and the community.”

Residing close to the DDC, she has been a part of the user base for many years going to events such as whist evenings, a games club and cookery classes.

She knows many of the current users from coming in after the lunch club to listen to stories about their lives. “Getting to hear first hand from so many users, past and present, is so important to me. The stories I have heard from the many people and their lives will prove to be invaluable.

Cameron aged 10 at the centre with one of the service users called Cecil back in 2014.

“Being able to come into the building, now as an employee, and trying to fulfil their wants is such a gratifying experience – going from a curious little girl into a very determined and hopeful woman.”

The Covid pandemic left its mark on the DDC, showing the need for a larger facility which the Jigsaw Project plans are heading towards. The only things that did falter were the day trips outside of the centre. At the time it was a necessity but now there is a hope to build back up a good variety of activities for the wellbeing of users. Positive responses have been shown by users for proposed outings for the summer season.

Cameron will be reaching out, building up her network of contacts, and experience of the third sector. “This initial month has been a wonderful experience and the whole team is passionate,” she added.

“I believe the work put in place here is vital for the community. There is always someone in need of a space to go like this and few are as lucky as we are.”

Cameron will be working to support DDC users, trustees, directors, staff and the local community.

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