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Planning Approval Achieved for the Dunbeath and District Wellbeing Centre Published on 25th July 2024

Oberlanders are delighted to have achieved planning approval for the Dunbeath and District Wellbeing Centre.

Client. Daniel Macleod, the Operational Growth Manager said “Dunbeath & District Centre (D&DC) are delighted with the decision made by the Highland Region Councillors at their meeting yesterday, 6 December 2022, who granted planning permission for our Jigsaw Project – the erection of a replacement Community Health & Wellbeing Hub on land adjacent to our existing premises.

Since June 2021 the team have been on a roller coaster ride pushing the project forward. Unwavering support and enthusiasm from the community of the South East of Caithness, stakeholders and external professionals has led to this significant point in the project.

The current economic climate makes the next phase, fund raising, particularly difficult and challenging. Activation of a Funding Strategy is at the forefront of the next chapter on our timeline. Support from capital funders and individuals would forevermore be seen as a value into the legacy project of innovation to improve the Health & Wellbeing of our communities and is key to the successful delivery of the Jigsaw Project.

The Management Team and everyone at D&DC see this pinnacle moment as a huge milestone for our vision, mission and core values focus – by creating a springboard to progress the Jigsaw Project further and closer to fruition.

I personally would like to thank everyone for their continued support.”

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