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Art Workshops Published on 25th July 2024

A Wellbeing Coaching Initiative bringing together Users in the South East of Caithness to experience and benefit from a collection of Wellbeing offerings depending on accessed levels of needs. Wellbeing Coach can assess where the Users’ are currently; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. During the session, the Coach will devise a map for the User’s desired outcome in all areas of life, and set about achieving these outcomes. In these 1.5 hour-long sessions, together Users will use life coaching tools to set some realistic achievable goals that will have them excited and looking forward to the future. With targets in mind, the Coach will explore creative and mindfulness exercises that are known to boost feelings of wellbeing. A focus will look at practical elements that Users can use to support their wellbeing, and implement tools to support mental health. Offerings of Colour Therapy will be used to assist the User’s journey.


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